My Etsy Shop

All of my  scarves are 100% silk and hand-painted the traditional way. I use imported French dyes.
I stretch the silk on a wooden frame; I like to paint with Chinese brushes. After the painting is dry  I steam the silk scarf for two hours so the  dyes are permanently set. I then wash the silk scarf in a gentle soap or shampoo.  A silk scarf can last a lifetime if you take care of it.  Why buy a reproduction silk scarf at a department store when you can buy a one-of-a-kind silk scarf for the same price from my Etsy shop.  I also paint one of a kind ceramic tiles. They look beautiful framed on the wall: you can use them as a Trivet, or display the tile on a small easel on your desk or bookshelf.
I can create a custom digital painting from your favorite photo.  A unique gift!!!
Thank You for Supporting my Art!