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Boston Harbor, Mystic Aquarium, Campus tours: Harvard,MIT,Yale, 
The breaker Mansion, Newport Road Island.     

Smokey Mountains, Tennessee June,2014
My Favorite, Ruby Falls, a thundering 145-foot waterfall is located deep within Lookout Mountain and has been thrilling visitors for over 80 years. Entertaining hosts take you into the cavern by elevator and lead you along a paved, level pathway. Thrill to the unique formations and the sheer beauty of the sparkling waterfall on this fun-filled and educational visit. They have a mountainside deck with a panoramic view of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley below. — at Ruby Falls.
It was amazing the stunning natural formations of the Virginia Luray Caverns. The largest and most popular caverns in the eastern United States! A noted US Natural Landmark, the Virginia Luray Caverns are renowned for their cathedral sized 'rooms', some even with ceilings as high as 10 stories! When you tour the Virginia Luray Caverns, you will see the gigantic stone columns that are still naturally forming and look out across the crystal clear pools of water. Also, you will be both haunted and delighted to hear the unique sounds that flow from the world's only Stalacpipe Organ which rises from the stalactite formations that cover more than 3 full acres! — Luray CavernsRock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens with over 400 native plant species, and breathtaking "See 7 States" panoramic views. Take an unforgettable journey along the Enchanted Trail where each step reveals natural beauty and wonders along the woodland path. — 
atRock City Mountains in Tennessee.  Natural Bridge is a geological rarity, and one of Virginia's earliest tourist attractions. Rockbridge County, created in 1778, is named after this natural feature.
Thomas Jefferson purchased the bridge and 157 acres around it in 1774, about 40 years after Natural Bridge was first documented by an explorer other than a Native American.1 Though Jefferson tried to sell "one of the sublimest curiosities in nature" for development as a tourist resort,2 the property stayed in his family until 1835 (ten years after his death). The site has been privately owned ever since that 1774 purchase, though there have been proposals since at least the 1940's for Virginia to purchase Natural Bridge for a state park. — in Natural Bridge, VA.
In September 2013, I traveled to Reno, Nevada, 
to visit a friend. It has a laid back atmosphere.You can live in a beautiful home for a fraction of the price that would cost you in the New York Area.While I was there they had a motorcycle rally, there must've been at least 30,000 motorcycles. If you love old cars, you must visit the Reno car museum. People from all over the world travel to Reno just to view the over 300 cars. I spent the whole day there it was fascinating. Also, that this is the Nevada Historical Society, they give you the history of mining which is very interesting. We took a day trip which was about two hours out of Reno, to visit Virginia City and Lake Tahoe. I love Virginia City, it looks the same as it did in the early 1600s, really a fun place. I was happy that we got to see the wild Mustangs roaming around Virginia City Highlands.

January 2012, I spent two weeks and Costa Rica. I first arrived and took a van to Miguel Antonio beach and spent four days on my own. It is very funny watching monkeys run up and down the beach trying to steal food off the blankets of the sunbathers.  I returned to the capital San Jose and met Caravan travel for a 10 day tour.  Arenal Volcanic hot springs was my favorite. It is so relaxing to soak in a hot springs. I am a bird lover, so seeing parrots fly free was exciting for me. I highly recommend this tour group. We covered all the major areas in  Costa Rica: the hotels were wonderful,  the food was wonderful, and most of all the tour guide was very informative. They took care of all our needs. And the price is very reasonable.

January 2013, I spent time in Miami. I made this youtube video on South Beach, FL.
 I rented a condo on the beach @ 86th and Collins ave. I am a member of timeshare users group. You can buy timeshare owners weeks (they are not going to use) a steep discount or you can buy weeks on ebay. I find I can rent a place @ 50% lower than retail.
Watch my video of South Beach Tour.

I moved to the the East Village, Manhattan
when I was an art student at the the School of Visual Arts many years ago. I have hundreds of photos I will share in the future. I made this youtube video in 2011.

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