Friday, September 30, 2016

Freedom Tower Shines like a Beacon in the Sky

Freedom Tower
As Phoenix rose from the ashes,
this monumental building will rise,
paying tribute to heroes who died
on that fateful September morning.
by Maureen Halasovski

Friday, September 23, 2016

Magic King of Glassland

Monarch butterflies fly into the eye of a darken cave
In search of light and the Magic King of Glass Land.

The cave is a labyrinth of Reflecting glass walls. 
Look to the East, see your image Young and Beautiful,
Look to the West see your image covered in Gold,
Look tothe South see your image sitting on a King’s Throne,
Look to the North see your image Aged and Wise.

Argo, is the Magic King of Glass Land. 
Wish Seekers hope he will grant them their most desired image.
Most seek eternal Youth and Riches.
Genuflecting, before the mighty King Argo, 
The Wish Seekers request the reflection of their desire. 
King Argo commands a task to be performed. Most fail!
Failure dictates losing everything they hold dear to them.

King Argo demands the Wish Seeker catch a Monarch Butterfly in their
 mouth and swallow it with Honey Wine. 
The successful receive an Iron Hammer by King Argo. 

The Defeated stumble to their homeland.
They bemoan lost of assets they held dear. 
The Defeated look forward to a delicious meal, a soft bed and warm family greeting.
Family and friends look upon the Defeated as a stranger. 
The Defeated spend eternity looking for everything that is truly dear.

A teacher named John Sebastian selected the North Reflection of Wisdom. 
Holding his mouth open wide, brimming with honey wine, 
a Monarch Butterfly flew into his mouth and slid down his throat.

King Argo respectfully handed John Sebastian the iron hammer. 
He did not explain that once the Northern Reflection is smashed, 
John Sebastian’s spirit can travel the world at will sharing wisdom throughout eternity.

John Sebastian smashes the Northern Image into a thousand pieces
Creating a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

For many years, John Sebastian’s favorite place was his home town. 
After witnessing the passing of family and friends, he left to travel far and wide. 
A distant look is always present in his eyes. 
There are not enough hours in the day to solve the world’s problems, but he tries.

Rumors spread across the land that John Sebastian was more than 300 years old.
John Sebastian is unaware of the wish he made so many years ago.
by  Joan Reese

Friday, September 16, 2016

New York Magic Tricks Unexplained
              Speed of Light

                              Sweeping changes to the sky
                            are swiftest not in dark of night
                          nor mid-day when the sun is high;
                   not in twilight though its vistas mesmerize.

                             My chameleon sky can morph
                               from airy blue to misty grey.
                         Fluid reds, golds, tangerines, pinks --
                             like silk scarves -- touch and swirl.
                                    Whole panoramas shift:
                                   magic tricks unexplained.

                          Bold mid-day/lush twilight/stoic night
                                               no match
                                  for fleet eye-opening skies
                                                of dawn. 
                                        by Fred Simpson 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Coyote Moon Shone like a Silver Saucer.

Coyote Moon by Joan Reese

A full moon shone like a silver saucer.
The moonlight cut through the bedroom venetian blinds, appearing as steps to heaven.

Suddenly, my head was filled with howling sounds.
Was it the wind, the ocean? I fell into a deep sleep.
I was transported to a forest filled with Banyan trees, their roots seeming like gnarly fingers reaching out from the bowels of the earth. My mouth opened wide to ask, “Is anyone there?”
I heard a roaring howl; was that me? I looked down, I no longer had a human body. I was transformed into a female coyote with golden fur. I instinctively knew I was in a secret meeting place.
I howled again and again. I heard the crunching of dried leaves; the sound was getting closer, but, I was not afraid.

From the darkened forest, I saw glowing eyes staring at me.
These eyes were familiar and I moved closer, unafraid. It was he, a large alpha male Coyote. I felt I had birthed many pups by this male.

The courting dance began. Rubbing our heads together, our jaws locked, tongue to tongue. For being a beast, he was very gentle.
The moon was now at its highest, it was easier to see our surroundings. More sounds of crunching leaves and breaking branches. Four more male coyotes joined the party, with teeth bared.

I proudly watched as a furious battle began; I hoped my mate would win. It was hard to tell the difference between the fighting animals. A stream of blood lead to my feet. Startled, I stood in the red pool. The moon was sinking in the sky, the howling, growling and fighting, continued.

I felt sunlight surrounding me. A sharp piercing sound invaded my sleep. My eyes half open, I searched for the sound and brought it close to my ear. I heard a familiar male voice, “Don't worry, we are going to win the case! 
You need to be at the courthouse at 9 o'clock sharp.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Manhattan - City of great Heart
Oh music in stone, poetry in sculpture, song in architectual marble, prayer in granite, an ecstasy in steel and iron and gold, singing city of the great heart, singing city,
You are Manhattan!

Poems by Edwin Curran