Monday, September 12, 2016

Coyote Moon Shone like a Silver Saucer.

Coyote Moon by Joan Reese

A full moon shone like a silver saucer.
The moonlight cut through the bedroom venetian blinds, appearing as steps to heaven.

Suddenly, my head was filled with howling sounds.
Was it the wind, the ocean? I fell into a deep sleep.
I was transported to a forest filled with Banyan trees, their roots seeming like gnarly fingers reaching out from the bowels of the earth. My mouth opened wide to ask, “Is anyone there?”
I heard a roaring howl; was that me? I looked down, I no longer had a human body. I was transformed into a female coyote with golden fur. I instinctively knew I was in a secret meeting place.
I howled again and again. I heard the crunching of dried leaves; the sound was getting closer, but, I was not afraid.

From the darkened forest, I saw glowing eyes staring at me.
These eyes were familiar and I moved closer, unafraid. It was he, a large alpha male Coyote. I felt I had birthed many pups by this male.

The courting dance began. Rubbing our heads together, our jaws locked, tongue to tongue. For being a beast, he was very gentle.
The moon was now at its highest, it was easier to see our surroundings. More sounds of crunching leaves and breaking branches. Four more male coyotes joined the party, with teeth bared.

I proudly watched as a furious battle began; I hoped my mate would win. It was hard to tell the difference between the fighting animals. A stream of blood lead to my feet. Startled, I stood in the red pool. The moon was sinking in the sky, the howling, growling and fighting, continued.

I felt sunlight surrounding me. A sharp piercing sound invaded my sleep. My eyes half open, I searched for the sound and brought it close to my ear. I heard a familiar male voice, “Don't worry, we are going to win the case! 
You need to be at the courthouse at 9 o'clock sharp.