Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Journey

I am working on pairing my poetry with my paintings or photographs. I wrote the poem "The Journey"  and then I photographed this hobbyhorse in Brooklyn. 
Do you remember anyone who selected the stationary hobby horse to ride?
 The Journey
by Joan Reese
Rushing for first choice
Glossy red and gold carrousel horse
Slides high then low
On polished  pole.
Bells, whistles, hundreds of blinking lights.

Mobile stallions
Tightly held by adventurous spirits.
Cushioned benches cradle timid souls.

Merry Go Round 
Goes round and round
Up and down, up and down

My horses’ colors fade;
Jerks, sticks, squeaks.
Leather strap holds me captive.
My head dizzy like a spinning top.

“Let me off,” my voice loss
Among organ music filled air. 
In the basement of my mind, I’m crying
“It’s all a mistake,
I didn’t buy a ticket!