Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Cleo" Lady of Magic

Poem inspired by a mystical lady in my life.
Poem by Joan Reese

Lady of magic, Aunt Cleo
worked her charms the best!
Talismans and love potions
brought wandering husbands home.

Neighborhood believers
appeared when rent was due
buying lucky numbers
before they laid their bets.

At the drivein movie,
Bev, a class senior, caught 
me kissing her boyfriend 
in the back seat of his Chevy.

Bev swore to even the score,
by spreading dirty rumors.
Aunt Cleo heard me crying,
"Not to worry, I'll stop her." 

With Bev's class photo,
her name written in red,
submerged in ice water,
Aunt Cleo lit a blue candle chanting,

"In doing this I freeze
Bev's anger and hold it still.
As the mighty oceans flow,
let there be goodwill!"

I smiled to myself
when seeing Bev in school,
knowing that in our freezer
Aunt Cleo's magic froze Bev's fury still.