Saturday, October 18, 2014

Proud Lady of the Trash Cans

Do you remember as a kid taking all the empty soda bottles back to the corner store to collect the deposit refunds?  That was my candy money.
Rain or shine this Chinese lady for over 20 years has been coming to our building collecting all the bottles she could find. She inspired me to write this poem.  This woman earned my respect, she works very hard and I think we can all learn a lesson from her.
Proud Lady
 by Joan Reese

    Asian Lady of many years
    Rummages East Village
    Tenement trash for bottles and cans.

    Yellow rubber gloved,
    She wipes containers clean.

    Garbage bags she fills
    To cash her find
    For nickels and dimes.
    Asian Lady of many years
    Hears building super holler,
    "Move your cart."
    She slowly departs.

    Asian Lady of many years
    I offer her a silver dollar.

    Proud Lady gently fans my hand away.