Friday, August 26, 2016

Asbury Park, N.J. Everything old is new again!

Asbury Park, New Jersey, a sea side community had fallen into hard times for many years. Beautiful Victorian mansion where abandoned, some of them occupied by squatters.
From 2002 onward, Asbury Park has been in the midst of a cultural, political, and economic revival, led by a burgeoning industry of local and national artists.
Today, Asbury Park has a vibrant nightlife with more than 60 restaurants, a Showroom movie theater,, The Paramount Theater and Convention Center. Asbury Park is synonymous with music: Bruce Springsteen and the Stone Pony; where Springsteen performed several times.
Asbury is great for biking; you can rent one on the boardwalk. On one of my rides I discovered the "Stephen Crane House." I enjoyed a wonderful tour by Frank D'Alessandro who knew extensive facts about the famed author who wrote, "The Red Badge of Courage." The Stephen Crane House is the home of the Historical Society of Asbury Park.  Cultural events are held at the house such as poetry readings.
There was one who sought a new road.
He went into direful thickets,
And ultimately he died thus, alone;
But they said he had courage. 
by Stephen Crane