Sunday, January 4, 2015

Piano Man And Pole Dancer

"Colin Huggins"is a classical pianist who performs in Washington Square Park. He recently teamed up with "Carolyn Chiu" a yoga pole dancer. What a spectacular show! For more information on Colin read my blog post: 

Carolyn Chiu's primary focus is to spread the art of vertical dancing as a respected, graceful performance, demonstrating health, fitness and balance.
Carolyn derives her training from a variety disciplines ranging from ballet to yoga, break dancing to cheer, lyrical to burlesque. In 2008, while studying at Parsons, she discovered the world of Pole fitness. Distilling several disciplines into one, Carolyn found the ability and freedom to express herself.
In 2009, Carolyn launched a pole photography studio in New York City, “”. In 2010 she joined with LI Dance Fitness, where she launched her Chinese pole program; an innovative and creative combination of the art of gymnastics and the zen of yoga. All based around the pole. In that same year, Carolyn took the title of, “Hong Kong Pole Fitness Champion.”